Advanced Technical Services


Advanced Technical Services offer network technical support including installation, maintenance and cabling. Our services are provided by highly-trained and certified technicians who have industry designations with major hardware providers. Our technical staff is available 24/7 for onsite support and by telephone during regular business hours in your time zone. We also provide online assistance through a web portal.


Installation services

Our ATS installation service supports most leading telecommunications equipment manufacturers and over 300 different types of equipment. We also provide support for customer specified LAN-based office equipment.


Additional services include:

  • Configuration and installation of hubs, routers and switches
  • On-demand, one-time set-up, moves, adds and changes for most communication equipment
  • Testing, certifying and rebooting of servers
  • On-demand, one-time recalibration of equipment and installation of firmware upgrades (bandwidth and cross connection and reading display output)
Maintenance services

ATS maintenance support provides trouble-shooting services to help you maintain a stable and strong network. Our maintenance services are available on a case-by-case basis and include:

  • Ongoing management for network installations, moves, adds and changes
  • Routine maintenance or changes to your equipment
  • On-demand inserting and swapping of media cards, router, reboot servers
  • Recalibration of equipment
  • Installation of firmware upgrades, bandwidth migration and inter-cabinet cabling
Conduit and cabling services

ATS offers physical sale and installation of conduits and cables as well as in-building structured cabling and wiring. Our cabling solution experts assess your requirements,
conduct site surveys, deploy and test networks and ensure optimal security.


ATS cabling services provide state-of-the-art connectivity support over the phone, online and onsite, including:

  • Voice and data cabling infrastructure
  • Campus networking to connect multiple buildings on your customer’s property
  • Wireless bridging to extend your customer’s VoIP network to another location
  • Cabinets, racks, cable management, backbone fibre, cable tray, patch panels, power bar and UPS for Data Centres

We also offer a complete range of cable management services built on high-performing components designed and tested to meet the highest industry standards. Our cable management services include:

  • Fibre cabling systems
  • Copper cabling systems
  • Racks and enclosures

Conduit and cabling service provides national coverage across most areas in Canada and can support the network of multiple service providers.

Our higly trained technical suport staff can help you optimize your resources and meet the needs of your customers.  We offer:



  • Improved efficiencies in your network operations
  • Single-point-of-contact for your network technical support, resulting in a quicker resolution to your network requirements
  • Expertise to maximize your network uptime
  • Flexible service packages that scale with your business

Business growth opportunity

  • Focus on your core business as you let ATS technical professionals take care of your back-end network installation and maintenance services
  • Provide one-stop service to your customers
  • Offer a single, unified, comprehensive and advanced solution to your end customer

Experience and credibility

  • Efficient and rapid response to any situation that requires physical or visual assistance
  • The right cabling technology and system support resources provide faster resolution and improved productivity
  • Reliable service assurance that aligns with industry best practices

Improved customer experience

  • We are committed to providing solutions that will help you grow your business
  • Support from a highly-responsive and knowledgeable help desk
  • Over 1,000 technicians to support your needs
  • Reduce multi-vendor complexity