Internet Access


Choose from a variety of Internet access services to fit your customers’ personal and business requirements. Bell offers Internet access based on digital subscriber line (DSL) technology, copper and fibre-to-the-node (FTTN).


When you choose Bell, you and your customers have the reliability of Canada’s leading Internet access service provider.


Gateway Access Service (GAS)

The Gateway Access Service (GAS) from Bell provides you with a low-cost solution for Internet access over Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE).


With this service, your business and residential customers can access high-speed Internet using existing telephone lines. Based on ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) technology, applications include high-speed Internet access and remote LAN connectivity.


GAS is offered on two different platforms to meet the dynamic needs of your customers, including:

  • Copper-based network for users with legacy requirements
  • Fibre network for users with higher speed requirements

Our Gateway Access Service offers you:

  • Service delivered over shared permanent-virtual-circuit (PVC)
  • Dynamic IP addressing
  • Remote LAN connectivity
  • Simple and secure login
  • Password authentication with access to multiple destination networks
High-speed Access (HSA)

The High Speed Access (HSA) service from Bell delivers an end-to-end Ethernet LAN-based solution and is designed for business customers with demanding network needs.


The HSA service features:

  • A single, dedicated permanent-virtual-circuit (PVC)
  • Static IP addressing

HSA is offered on two different platforms to meet the dynamic needs of your customers, including:

  • Copper-based network for customers with standard legacy requirements
  • Fibre network for customers with higher speed requirements


This service offers:

  • High-speed Internet access for medium to large customers with complex network requirements
  • LAN/WAN service to customers via existing primary exchange service (PES) lines
  • A dedicated loop to ensure quality performance with high traffic usage
  • Simultaneous use of the Internet service and the telephone line

Bell’s high-speed Internet access enables you to cost-effectively grow your market and meet the needs of your business and residential customers. Our benefits include:


Reliable network

  • An extensive high-speed footprint in Ontario and Québec for both business and residential users
  • A fibre optic network that offers an effective technology for delivering data
  • Coast-to-coast network with one of the largest reaches across Canada
  • High-speed Internet service that offers optimal performance
  • Fast response times for Internet surfing and accessing multimedia content

Customer service

  • A full installation service for your business and residential customers, with a technician on-site for the installation


  • The protection we currently provide in our own core network, which is protected to mitigate outside attacks and provide uninterrupted service to our customers

Experience and credibility

  • Over 130 years of  industry experience in delivering telecommunications services across Canada
  • The right technology and resources to provide fast resolution and improved productivity