Digital Private Line


Digital Private Line service (DPLS) from Bell is a dedicated, point-to-point service that transports data, voice and video on a dedicated circuit using a reliable, high-performance, digital SONET network infrastructure. It offers a reliable and economical way for you to extend your reach to your customers throughout Canada.


Bell’s Digital Private Line service provides extensive metro, inter-city, regional and national coverage across Canada and interconnection options between Canada and the U.S. It is available at speeds from DS-0 to OC-48 with clear channel and channelized service options. It’s also available in multiple diversity options.


Digital Private Line is an economical way for Canadian and U.S. service providers to:

  • Deliver high-bandwidth private line reach to end users
  • Address Canadian network infrastructure requirements by providing high-performance POP (point of presence) to POP connectivity


DPLS from Bell is designed to meet the needs of your customers and includes:

  • Point-to-point, hub and spoke or multipoint configurations
  • Ability to build a series of point-to-point circuits on a single hub and backhaul to a central POP
  • Superior network transport that can carry data, voice or video imaging information
  • Best-in-class transport diversity in all major on-net cities with at least two POPs linked via Bell’s own metro fibre, ensuring that SONET ring topology is always protected
  • Clear channel or channelized service

Network reach

  • Extensive inter-city, regional and metro coverage across Canada
  • Ubiquitous network reach in Bell territory
  • Significant reach to the largest cities and towns in western Canada
  • On-net transport and interconnection options between Canada and major carrier hotels in New York, Chicago and Seattle


Reliable network

  • Best-in-class transport diversity: all of Bell’s major on-net cities have at least two POPs linked via our own metro fibre
  • SONET ring topology is protected, which ensures that information continues to flow should the ring experience a breach
  • End-to-end SLO/SLA of 99.9% availability for dedicated services on our core backbone facilities and 99.999% service availability with a four-hour MTTR
  • 24/7 network support and monitoring


Experience and credibility

  • Canada’s largest provider of mission-critical private line solutions to major carriers and large business customers from across Canada and around the world
  • Bell has over 130 years of experience and provides best-in-class service assurance on private lines across our Canadian and U.S. footprint
  • Bell’s reliable service assurance aligns with industry best practices